Siren - simple cad viewer with mruby

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siren - the simple CAD viewer


About siren

siren is a simple CAD viewer for Microsoft Windows. siren makes you some useful and quickly operations.

How to build

Building Equipment:

  1. Setup the BAT script for your enviromnent.

    editor tool/occenv.bat

    SET "OCCBASE=E:\occ" # Change this variable!

  2. Clone by git the repository of siren follows:

    git clone

  3. Run the BAT script file with Visual Studio solution file.

    cd siren tool/vs9-occ660.bat src/siren.sln

  4. Build sirenenv.dll and siren.exe.


You can run as follows:

> siren.exe [filename]

Now, siren is able to read formats as follows;

MIT License


dyama, Daisuke YAMAGUCHI